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Training and Education

Through CoolFLY School, we provide training and education to customers, flyers and our staff on understanding, operating, maintaining, troubleshooting, servicing and profiting with CoolFLY drones and other products.

After a basic drone class Flyers indoor training Flyers field training

Go through the table below to see what courses you may need to attend to:

Courses Dealer User Flyer Service Person Marketing or Sales Person
UAV basics V V V V V
CoolFLY drones (applicable models) V V V V V
CoolFLY FABEs and USPs vs competitors' V V V V V
Maintenance     V V V
Troubleshooting & service       V  
Operating   V V   V
Marketing & sales         V
Starting a business with CoofFLY V V V     
Making money with CoolFLY   V V   V
Safety cautions V V V V V