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Aftersales Service

CoolFLY aftersales service would not be any better if it were not being backed up by its global strategy.


Every dealer has facilities to cover at least 4S functions, showroom, spare parts, service and survey. CoolFLY is experieced in putting them well together in its 4S centers in China, and soon, more in the world.

    CoolFLY drone users, flyers and service teams are well trained in daily care and maintenance to ensure good appearance, well functioning and safe handling. Potential troubles or defects may be found and corrected.
    CoolFLY service teams with experience and expertise are ready to provide you with prompt trouble-shooting and repair, in the field, at CoolFLY 4S centers or repair shops, wherever is convenient to you and to the quick recover of the drones.
    Warranty for CoolFLY drones and components is available. A ServKit containing fast-moving parts is supplied with each drone. Consult CoolFLY local dealer for details.
    Genuine CoolFLY parts are available at your easy reach. Well organized inventories are sufficient to meet your demand. Where production facilities are available locally, customers enjoy even faster supply of parts with lower costs.
    CoolFLY well-trained service team are not only experts in drones, but also good at their applications. They would be of substantial assistance to you, for example, in adjusting sparying rate, flow, width and formulation of liquid.

A service check up Field instruction with a spraying drone A seminar on using drones