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Peregrine GH4250A Hybrid 3D Oblique Aerial Survey Drone

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Hybrid 3D Oblique Aerial Survey Drone
Peregrine GH4250A

With fixed wing and 4 rotors, the Peregrine has made vertical takeoff and landing and hovering possible for fixed wings while maintaining their speed and altitude.

Long Span 2500mm
Flying time 2 hours
Ceiling 3000m altitude
3D oblique aerial imagery  
  camera 5 in 1  
Hybrid rotors and fixed wing
A perfect solution for remote sensing with low altitude, Peregrine GH4250A has set up a real benchmark in aerial survey that suits a variety of applications.

The remote sensing enables the Peregrine to process information from visible light, infrared light and microwave, provide realtime monitoring on pollutions, extreme climate and environmental changes and geological disasters, and so to allow people to take necessary precautions.
Factory smoke and exhaust air   Fire and smoke   Landslide

Mapping, monitoring, surveying and troubleshooting along the full length of the pipe lines. 
Oil and gas pipe lines   Water, heating, sewage pipe lines   Power lines

The Peregrine 3D oblique imagery modeling can be applied in precision agriculture, forest LBS service, 3D map, 3D navigation, AI traffic design and management, etc.

Specification Peregrine GH4250A
Type Hybrid with 4 rotors and fixed wing, VTOL
Material Aerial composite with carbon fiber, Kavlar and fiber glass
Wingspan 2,500mm
Length 1,200mm
TOL type Autonomous takeoff and landing
Working type 3D oblique camera, load switchable for different applications
Radio module Microhard 1W digital
Flying control Bingo Point
PPK (Optional) With post-mission differential positioning
Airspeed meter Dual meter with heater and ice, frost and rain sensor
Control protection Low battery, low altitude, low speed, virtual electronic fence, 
Power Supply
Power and charger 6S/500W charger, 750W power
Battery Li-poly, 6S 24Ah
Flying Parameters
Frequency 2.4000 GHz
Effective load Standard 1kg, max 2kg
Min takeoff weight 6.9kg
Max takeoff weight 8.5kg
Flying time@fixed wing 120 min
Flying time@rotors 25 min
Max flying altitude 3,000m
Min cruise speed Over 60km/h
Survey coverage 15km in city with 7dbi omnidirectional antenna
  30km in fields with 7dbi omnidirectional antenna
  50km in fields with 14dbi directional antenna
Accuracy enroute Horizontal 3m, vertical 1m
Air worthiness Wind resistance >Grade 6 (10.8~13.8m/s), water IP66, against light rain and snow
Driving System
Motor for fixed wing Brushless, thrust 1*1,000W
Motor for rotors Brushless, pull 2*500W, push 2*500W
Onboard Load
 Camera gimbal Dual-axial, oblique imagery
Modular nacelle 5 in1 camera including photograph, video, thermal imaging, multispectral and gas detector
5 in 1 Camera
Total pixels 120million
Weight <650g
Dimension 170*160*80mm
Data retrieval >80M/s
Storage >650Gb
CCD size 23.5*15.6mm
Exposure interval <0.8s
Extension To suit both fixed wing and multi-rotor
Data Processing
Software SkyScanner
Feature Process different types of data, generate post files and blocks files, and import modeling software
  Improve aerotriangulation accuracy and point marking efficiency
Ground Control (Optional)
System Processor i7, RAM 16Gb, SSD 512Gb
Flying time support Max 48h
Data link 4g-LTE (optional)
Data link radius 50km
Ground software Blind spots calculation, route automatic optimization as per climate status, automatic route plan and breakpoint resumption
Remote Control (Optional)
Type Left-handed (Right-handed optional)
Model Futaba T8FG
No of channels 16
Frequency 2.4000 GHz
Net weight 1.86kg
Receiver Futaba R6208SB 2.4G (higher voltage version)
Motor rotor nacelle bird Camera Remote control

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