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Thunderbird F622A Spraying Drone

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Size 2125mm   6 Rotors   FPV Camera 1080p 60fps
Tank 22L  
  Takeoff 53kg  
  Spray width 4-8m  

CoolFarmer Albatross F625A

Model Thunderbird F622A  
Drone weight (without battery) 23 kg士1kg  
Rated takeoff weight 53 kg  
Maximum Wheelbase 2125 mm  
Landing gear width, mm 615mm  
Landing gear height, mm 230mm  
Airframe dimensions 2813 mmX2418 mmX780 mm Arms and propellers unfolded, mm
2025 mX1628 mX780 mm  Arms unfolded and propellers folded, mm
800mmX870mmX 780 mm  Arms and propellers folded, mm
Package dimensions 900x900x900mm  
Max flying speed 10m/s  (With strong GNSS signal)
Operating Temperature, ° 0 - 40 ℃  
Hovering Accuracy  Horizontal 士 10 cm Vertical 士 10 cm Enable RTK  with strong GNSS signal
Rated Power    
Volume, L ≥22 L  
Spray Rate XR11001VS: 3. 6 L/min  
XR110015VS: 4.8 L/min  
XR11002VS: 6 L/min  
XR11001VS : 130 - 250 μ m  
Droplet Size XR110015VS : 170- 265 um  
XR11002VS: 190- 300 μm  
(related to environment and spray rate, etc)  
Effective Spray Width 4-8 m 8 nozzles, 1.5 -3 m above crops
FOV (Field of View) Horizontal: 118°, Vertical: 87°  
Resolution 1080P 60fps 3km(agriculture environment)