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New VTOL Drone With All Thrill Moves Coming to CoolFLY Soon

An unbelievable VTOL drone W500 to do all thrill moves in the palm of your hand.
It's a 6-pass multiple-mode aircraft remotely controlled to do fascinating aerobatics.

Vertical takeoff and landing entirely at ease, with a touch of the key.

Horizontal/Vertical mode: Switched from horizontal to vertical, the drone will be able to, like any other drones or helicopters, hover, spin, and fly forward/backward and left/right side. 

Switching between 3D/6G modes will take you into different flying experiences and yet in stable status.

At 6G level flight mode, the drone comes into a fixed-altitude and self-stable status, which is ideal for beginners to start with.

Stunt mode: While flying in open space and horizonal flight, switching into 3D mode will bring you into stunt mode (3D-lock), whereby you can make such acrobatic actions as tumbling, rolling and death spiral.

Watch a stunt-show clip and enjoy its brilliant skills.
Stunt show clip

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