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Headquarted in Shenzhen, a world class city known for its IT industry, CoolFLY has grown up rapidly with the pace of the city. 

Originated from manufacturing of agricultural drones in 2014, CoolFLY has become a more diversified UAV company, with products across different applications and 5 operational bases covering R & D, manufacturing, sales and training.

While serving customers within China, CoolFLY has started to go global and will constantaly support worldwide customers with the benefit of LEVERAGE, ever more productivity with ever less investment of time, labor and money.

Map of CoolFLY Operations in China  
CoolFLY Milestones/history
CoolFLY Values

Backed up by constant innovation and improvement from the creativity of CoolFLY team with an open mind to the changing market.
Defined as ever more productivity with ever less input of time, labor and money, which multiplies total customer satisfaction.
Designed to ensure your manoeuvre of CoolFLY products with ease, simplicity, safety and pleasure, whenever and wherever.
Assured with quality and service as well as the entire CoolFLY team being always behind you. You care for the world. We care for you.